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Roadmap to Success

  • Move Up to The Next Level
  • Have written goals
  • Take the first step and Wear blinders
  • Get action now.
  • Be prepared for failure and adversities
  • Control your thoughts
  • Have an empowering body language
  • Have a super personality
  • Focus-focus
  • Get peak performance

Learn from failures Keep going until you succeed. Do something you are passionate about for a sustained period of time......Think about what you want to achieve 24 hours of a day, 7 days of a week and 52 weeks of an year.... Spend time with people who are already there ...those who succeeded ...if you choose ordinary people to be your friends you will be ordinary too.... Turn off your TV.....Stop gossiping... The harder and longer you work, the luckier you become You have to take action, massive action.....change your thoughts to that of one who is a huge success.... What you are and what you will be depends on how you use your time..... A beggar and Michael Angelo had 24 hours and you too have 24 hours...what counts is how you use it up.

Business strategist

How to become an excellent manager?
You may be a new or experienced business owner or a fresh entrepreneur. If you have a desire to take your business to higher level, Prof. P.A.Varghese can guide you. Having been the General Manager and CEO of 4 different building and construction companies for over 15years, I have gained enough business wisdom that will help me re-engineer your business and prepare it for scaling up and multiply its asset base and product production. Having trained so many small and medium scale industries and coached thousands of managers you can be assured of help in the right direction.
I have seen that most of the business is an outcome of the promoter’s passion. If you are looking for a fruitful employment or how to be your own boss with your hard earned money, or if you try to be known as a business owner by starting one you are probably going to fail.

You should know your business’s potential future, profitability, ROI,(Return on Investoment),etc You will have to identify a business that is immune to future technology advancement (remember so many businesses have been extinct with the computer age
You need to go into something you already know how to manage, and make future plans and proceed to bigger and bigger levels. In a few years the company should be able to work on the systems already in place and you should be able concentrate on policies, new business ventures, and growth. The firm should go on efficiently even without you. At the start you have to be in your peak performance, maintain excellent physical and mental health, practice meditation gratefulness and keep your brain in a peak stage.
I have been in European and Gulf companies, seen the different business models and how employees are managed. You will have to manage to take your business up by sweating in the initial stages and get it credit ratings, go for venture capital which is plenty around the corner or prepare to go for IPO and succeed with public money. But you must have built public trust, made a steady growth for a few years with substantial profit. We can help you launch, achieve steady success or reengineer your present company at the level you are dreaming for.We can motivate your staff and position your managers to take the company forward

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Training for college and best school-teachers, parents and students

With over 10 years of training experience in training graduates and post graduates in motivation, memory techniques, scoring better in exams, employability enhancement, career guidance and how to focus on one’s field.... Motivating teachers to do peak performance, making them adopt the latest principles of presentation, modulation, body language organizing a session, becoming committed, enthusiastic and inspiring students..... ... Making parents capable of helping their wards through thick and thin and preparing them for inevitable success regardless of their IQ, weakness absence of talents and energy level. Each one has some spark lying latent...find it out, bring it out and make it bloom......

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Maintain Super health

You can be in super health if you start early on.......But our lives depend on hospitals doctors and medicine.........We are always sick and life becomes an ordeal..... Heath is not the absence of diseases –it is the perfect mental and physical well being. How to become healthy and fit? Eat less... ensuring adequate nutrition –carbs, protein, fats, minerals and vitamins...maybe you have to take supplements...to keep your intake balanced and nutritious Exercise............half an hour each day ---anything you can enjoy and do ----cycling, walking running, swimming, working out in the gym. Do flexibility for every joint..(show photographs) ..let them get lubricated to function well....

Keep your BMI below 25. Your waist measurement around 30” With desirable Fat muscle ratio Meditate everyday... for half an hour... Above all move more.....walk briskly ....be in your peak state body physiology..........practice self- healing. ....& meditation At 68 I enjoy the energy of a kid.........you can be fit and mentally young at any age......

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You are born to succeed

To be famous and wealthy and not to be mediocre... You are not living to pass the given time...` Unleash your potential and get more done in less time. Know the things you should stop wasting your energy on. How to stay motivated always... When you want to succeed as bad as you breathe you can but succeed You can reach anywhere you want to. Success is your birthright

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We are born to win and not to wallow in misery or failure –the lives of most of the great people show that they were born poor with no riches influential or educated parents. One can succeed with whatever one has—if you believe you will succeed with all your heart, all your entire mind and all your energy, you will. Refuse to fail .....Stay motivated..... We succeed when we want to succeed as bad as you breath- success comes when we choose a profession or work we enjoy and is not willing to compromise. There is no generic roadmap for success -you have to make your own. There are common denominators: burning desire, willingness to work for it, not bending before failures (those who want to succeed has to face more failures) and keeping on going until you succeed. Someone has to make you convinced of these...Normally people do not know how much they can achieve. You can get anything in the world-if you are determined and take suitable and sustained action

Someone has to push you forward.....that is my work

Master Selling Skills

Believe you will
Magic of enthusiasm
Keep your successes enlarged.& throw away failure thoughts
Turn Nos into Yeses. No never means no
Gain confidence by keeping success always in mind
Establish rapport
Identify the need
Show the pain and pleasure- Identify buying motives and pain of deprivation
Distinguish between transactional selling and relationship selling
Learn the Dos and Don'ts of professional selling
Unleash Your Potential
Identify and meet customer needs and expectations
Believe and visualize
Make life long customers....

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Keep your BMI below 25. Your waist measurement around 30” With desirable Fat muscle ratio Meditate everyday... for half an hour... Above all move more.....walk briskly ....be in your peak state body physiology..........practice self- healing. ....& meditation At 68 I enjoy the energy of a kid.........you can be fit and mentally young at any age......

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Public Speaking

Speak With Power &Poise • Overcome stage fright • Gain confidence to face any audience • Develop your natural speaking style • Address questions in hostile situations • Deliver impromptu speeches and think on your feet • Be looked up as an expert in your field • Gain a competitive edge • Learn the secrets of the greatest public speakers in the world • Influence others by mastering platform skills • Learn the Dos and Don'ts of public speaking

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Who Should Attend
★ CEOs and senior management
★ Sales and HR heads
★ Professionals and entrepreneurs
★ Anyone who wants to convert potential into performance and develop leadership excellence


The future of your child is in your hands. More than marks it is confidence, emotional quotient, social intelligence and networking that takes a child go forward in life to achieve great heights you never even dreamt of.
Indian parents impart a lot of fear from day 1. In the guise of over-loving....Overprotecting....
You don’t allow them to play alone as child, to explore things, to eat, dress, bathe by himself as a toddler. You feed, bathe, dress, make him/her sleep with you, and tell them fearful stories. And the net result? They grow timid and afraid...You parents quarrel in front of them and thus you impart an unstable mind, longing for security and love..... You impose your rules, you treat him like a personal possession and you tell him what to study and what career to follow. They are puppets dancing to your tunes.

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You don’t let them participate in the problems of home, you want to provide them with everything-and you spoil them. You don’t show love or listen to them... you don’t give a friendly atmosphere where they can discuss everything with you....
You give pressure and deny them childhood pleasures... You feel your teens are alienated....they don’t understand you....you feel miserable....but you never even listen patiently, give them unconditional love, you don’t know the tactics to make teens to behave to you like friends. You compare them with peers to belittle them... you find fault at everything..... You do not encourage...or try to understand your child....you do not know his innate abilities, you do not know his strengths and weaknesses....you never encourage..but ridicule...

All cannot be rank holders; • IQ is inherited-so is energy level • Know your child-his weakness and strength • Become his/her friend and show him how to face problems/failures. • They model you-&don’t hear what you say. • Encourage always—no pressure tactic- • You and your house decide his destiny • You can make him confident/strong or timid/diffident •

Secrets to bring up successful children. One month’s personal coaching to couples 10 lectures –a book on child upbringing, and all doubts cleared in that month

How to handle adolescents?

They are a nightmare to many parents— They don’t obey, are always on phone & in front of the mirror or closed up in the room, They hardly communicate...never understand.• To any question they grunt or groan or wave. • Parents feel lost as to how to handle them. • How to make them your friends? How to make them confide everything in you? • How to make them goal oriented? How to make them your capable children? •

One month’s Coaching-phone/video talks, question answers, solutions for specific problems... for parents to handle adolescents....change is guaranteed....Call!

Become a Trainer

And be prepared to become known and famous • Become your own boss Travel far and wide and make good money • Learn to follow your passion and get invitations from institutions, for delivering speeches, conducting programs • Discover how to rock the stage with super confidence • Improve your body language • speech structure and delivery • Learn the secrets of presentations and inspiring • Learn to read those in front of you.....and change them.

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How to create money consciousness and grow wealthy?

Create it first in your mind—nobody becomes wealthy by winning lottery or raffle-(they squander the money soon) People become wealthy with a money mind.... Account your income and expenditure and balance it every day.... pay all your bills in advance....and pay up all your debts, even forgotten ones.. keep yourself spotlessly clean always and keep your environs spotless too....Dress well and keep winning body physiology...Make sure you get back every penny that is yours from supermarket or anywhere...be grateful to everything—this universe, your parents and relatives..Engage in a work you love and do more than more than you are paid for...do a good without expecting anything in return each day. ..Never borrow...but lend....

Invest your time and a part of your income regularly and intelligently to grow many folds.... Visualize being a millionaire and live like one ....never hesitate to buy something however expensive it is for your dear one...Great wealth can be achieved only by identifying a need of the society and getting it for them.... If you want great riches ask yourself how much you want.. Ask it now.............if you think in terms of lacs and millions forget about becoming filthy rich....Remember 85% of all billionaires are self-made who came from poor homes....

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